Today, B and I hit up the Oklahoma City Zoo and swung by Big Truck Tacos on the way home. I wouldn’t say it was in an excellent part of town, but exiting suburbia is totally worth this amazing food, I promise.

EDIT: Look at young lil’ me, making broad statements about a neighborhood because I saw one boarded up building! For the record, I was totally wrong on my description of Uptown 23rd in this review, and I apologize for everyone I offended. It’s pretty clear from the amount of time I now spend in this awesome district of OKC that I was (like I said) totally wrong. Love and kisses, BTT/Uptown. You are an excellent part of town.

B had a torta (no picture, he eats really fast)

and I had two tacos…

big truck tacos, tacos, mexican, food, okc,

…the Wojo, which has veggies and beans with a splash of lime (my addition) and the Crispy ‘cado, which has two huge pieces of fried avocado, salsa, pico, and crumbly queso blanco (my favorite thing ever OMG, second only to feta, I’m a crumbly cheese addict). I also ordered chips and queso.

The tacos were super flavorful and weren’t overly spicy on their own. My mouth was stinging often, but I’m a huge baby, and pico even makes me yearn for a cold glass of milk. The “Asphault” salsa, which was a bright bottle of orange, fruity, spicy goodness, was probably my favorite part of the whole experience. I applied it liberally to all of my foods and even on each individual chip.

B thought there were too many flavors colliding in the food, however; he prefers more traditional Mexican dishes. He likes tortas from this sketch Latino bodega (it’s legit called Bodega Latina) in the RVA. But even he said that he would gladly make the trek back to BTT.

The truck came to Norman once, but with a much smaller menu, which was understandable. I preferred the offerings at the brick-and-mortar eatery. 

BTT had extremely reasonable prices, in my humble, broke-college-student opinion. My chips and queso, tacos, and drink cost about $10. I’m a medium to large sized girl, and I was so full I practically rolled myself to the car on my $10 meal. You can even bring back your cup for a drink discount later!

Final verdict? Go to Big Truck Tacos. Get the Asphault salsa. Thank me later.