I will be graduating as a Sooner and could not be more proud.  Everything I have done here has helped me become the person I am today and helped me determine how I want to be in the future.  Joining a sorority, founding an organization, planning a community service road trip for spring break, participating in an educational program that allowed us to raise over $17K for Make-A-Wish Foundation—every experience is one I will cherish forever, along with the people I met along the way. 

As this chapter of my life comes to an end, I will look back knowing that I have no regrets.  I will not regret my decision to go to UCI or Moorpark College before coming to OU.  I will not regret the many major changes I had.  Every single thing I did allowed me to experience something that led to something else. 

Everything happens for a reason. I am a strong believer of that. 

My great-grand-big is so wise!