I’m currently living in a house with about 70 other girls, and it’s surprisingly awesome.

No one has killed each other yet, and there’s always someone to hang out with me/watch me take a nap/ingest massive amounts of froyo/shoe shop with. Which is fun.

Also, the food is good. But no dessert tonight! Probs a good thing since I ate my weight in yogurt/gummy bears/mango this afternoon.

The sorority house is superior to dorm living in several ways. For one, I actually like most of these people. The dining hall is much closer (read: downstairs). I’ll get more exercise because I live on the third floor and there’s no elevator. Free washing machine usage is also a perk that I appreciate, because one week I will have no laundry and the next my closet will just explode angrily and I’ll have like 6 loads and spend about $15 at the dorm and waste five hours of my life that I’ll never get back in the smelly dorm basement with washers that have no spin cycle. That happened to boyfriend more than it did to me. but I heard a lot about how much it sucked. And we have a dog here, y’all!

Life isn’t all peaches and cream, however. No boys allowed above the first floor, so no more movie watching/tie-dying with boyfriend at my place. We’re apparently having meatloaf for dinner sometime this week, which is something I’m pretty much morally opposed to. I’ve literally never had a bite of meat loaf in my life. (Is it meatloaf or meat *space* loaf?)

So I’m here. Moved back to my beloved Norman in my big historic sorority house and I don’t plan on leaving for a long, long time.