Cowboy boot centerpieces

Cutest idea ever, y’all, especially for me, a nearly venomous Texan.  I usually don’t buy into the whole “Texana” theme of decorating, but I think flowers stuck in a cowboy boot would be just the cutest thing ever. Or straw. Or something else that one commonly uses as a centerpiece.

Accidentally on purpose vases

I think is not only a cute idea, but a money saving one as well. My cousin did this, and it was super cute (except she painted flowers on them and sprayed them with glitter, but to each bride her own). Enlisting family and friends to scout out glass (or whatever material you so choose) vases from thrift stores/garage sales to use at a reception (or even a party) is easy and cheaper than buying everything all matchy-matchy. And for a somewhat eclectic girl like me, I think it’s charming.

Scrapbooking paper place settings

I saw this at a wedding I went to last year. Pretty turquoise paper with scalloped edges made placemats for each guest. I loved it. Personally, I would go all out and incorporate scrapbooking paper for other things, like under the centerpieces, as coasters….I just love any excuse to buy scrapbooking paper. I’m a sorority girl. Crafting is innate. Also, paper is fairly cheap.

Real food

I know technically that cold chicken breasts with wilted spinach and questionable mashed potatoes is actually digestable food, but my personal jury is still out. And that’s the type of food those wedding caterers always serve! I prefer the set up that my cousin’s wedding had: all you can eat barbeque. It was fantastically delicious.

Matching but not bridesmaids’ dresses

This idea could potentially take all of the pain/embarrassment/annoyance that matching bridesmaids’ dresses cause. A bride could select the color she wanted the bridesmaids to wear, and they pick the dress. At large bridal stores, many styles are usually available in one color so no one has to complain about the dress being unflattering on them (because we all know the bridesmaids are the most important /sarcasm).

Real cake + more dessert

Oh, wedding cake. File it under “Gorgeous but gross”. I personally cannot stand the taste of fondant. It feels like I’m eating soft, faintly marshmallow tasting cardboard. But it makes cakes so beautiful! But who cares if it is beautiful if it tastes like paper products! The wedding I went to this weekend had lovely cake sans fondant. And cookies that were available to munch on way before the cake was cut. Which was a good plan.