My dream last night, after waking at 3 AM to hail/rain/wind and somehow managing to sleep again without thinking “OMG TORNADO OMG OMG”, is as follows.

Kate and I are at a hotel. And apparently, we’re in Florida cause we’re goin’ to Disney World. We have my dad’s season passes. Somehow his pass has his name and mine. Along with his picture. We go to Magic Kingdom and time jumps until, oh hey, let’s go to Epcot. While we walk to the bus stop, I notice something. Lookey there. Sydney isn’t wearing shoes. We get to the bus stop and OMG there are my shoes! Except….those are black platform old-lady shoes. Whatevs. I put them on. We take the bus to Epcot and then we’re in a fancy hotel, cause that’s apparently the entrance to Epcot, and the ticket takers like pull us to the side cause we did something bad. I get scared that our tickets won’t work. Except, oh hey, they let us in! Epcot is NOT how I remember it. The signs look weird. None of the rides are right. Kate doesn’t want to ride Mission: Space so we look for the Aerosmith roller coaster (which ISN’T IN EPCOT) and the sidewalk turns into an Anthropologie and then I wake up.

Sweet dreams, indeed.