Cake balls were hard.

I just made them this week because I ended up not having time to do them for my friend’s graduation. I went to a party last night and decided at about 9 pm to go forward with the cake balling, using a recipe from Bakerella.

  • Step 1- bake a cake. This went very well, thanks to our new oven. It convection bakes, which is awesome.
  • Step 2- crumble the cake. This went well also. Should have let it cool more because it burned my hands a bit, but it turned out just fine.
  • Step 3- mix the icing. This went well. I mixed it in in portions, not the whole can of icing at once. (Wow, I’m making this look way too easy.)
  • Step 4- chill the balls. Self-explanatory.
  • Step 5- dunk in chocolate. This was a crapstorm of epic proportions.